Filmed and Produced by Gail Osherenko. Runtime 16 min.
For home or academic use:$15.00. For public performace rights: $35.00.



An expedition to the high Arctic, to Svalbard, the archipelago north of Norway, to say goodbye to polar bears. This short, entertaining film captures stunning images of polar bears and Arctic wildlife for a campaign to stop global warming.

The narration evolves in 6 segments: preparations for the expedition, encounters with polar bears, walrus, ice and glaciers, Arctic birds, and humpback whales. Appropriate for all ages.

Gail Osherenko

Gail Osherenko filmed Arctic Expedition in August 2006 when accompanying the Ruby Expedition. She holds a law degree from UC Davis, and worked as a lawyer in all three branches of the federal government before moving to Vermont and becoming immersed in Arctic studies. She studied and taught Arctic natural resources issues at the Center for Northern Studies in Vermont and at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire before relocating to the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2003.

At UCSB she teaches courses in coastal and ocean law and policy and is a Research Scientist with the Marine Science Institute. Arctic Expedition is her first film available to the public. Her publications include three co-authored books: The Age of the Arctic (1989) and Polar Politics (1993), with Oran Young, and Siberian Survival: the Nenets and Their Story (1999) with Andrei Golovnev. Her most recent paper €śNew Discourses on Ocean Rights: Property Rights, the Public Trust, and Ocean Management, is forthcoming in the Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation (spring 2007).

Dan Spiteri in Goleta, California12/08/2006

Very nice shots of polar bears and walrus!

Kristina Bielenberg in Vermont01/12/2007

This little DVD does a great job of introducing viewers to the beauty of the Arctic at the same time it exposes the devastating truth about global warming\'s impact on ice and the animals that depend on it for sustenance and survival. Osherenko\'s script is scientifically-grounded, yet not without humor. Her voice-over narrative and selection of background music are easy on the ear and the perfect accompaniment to some fabulous videography. This is informative, family-friendly viewing, about a profoundly serious issue. I strongly recommend it.\" P.S. The images of meltwater tumbling off the edge of the Svaalbard icesheet as hundreds, perhaps thousands, of waterfalls was disturbingly beautiful. So much freshwater tumbling into the saline ocean, changing the delicate balance of our planet!

Lois Eby in Vermont01/14/2007

In a context of awe for the grandeur of the Artic, and intimate shots of its inhabitants from polar bears to humpback whales, the viewer is informed about the effects of global warming on this region. Great shots, and enjoyable narration too!

David Budbill in Vermont01/16/2007

Excellent film. Gorgeous photography of scenery and wildlife. Important subject.