An access point to the Arctic and its peoples through film.

The Far North has long captivated the imagination of explorers and exploiters, scientists and adventurers.

Andrei Golovnev’s films WAY TO THE SACRED PLACE, PEGTYMEL and POST HORSE bring you to the heart of unique northern cultures dependent on and living with reindeer– nomadic Nenets thriving far north of the Arctic Circle on the Yamal Peninsula in northwest Russia and Chukchi herders camped on the Arctic coast of the Chukchi Sea.

ARCTIC EXPEDITION. Accompanying still photographers on an expedition to Svalbard, the archipelago of islands north of Norway, Gail Osherenko captured images of polar bears, walrus, humpback whales, and waterfalls pouring from the Svalbard ice cap in August 2006. This entertaining film illustrates how global warming, caused by human dependence on burning coal, oil, and natural gas, is melting sea ice, critical habitat for polar bears, and threatening their survival.